A 52 year-old businessman is suing the Indonesian government over its botched handling of the fires in Sumatra, which he says has caused deteriorating air quality in Malaysia that affected his family’s health.

The Malaysian businessman filed the report at the Kepala Batas station in Penang, Malaysia on Wednesday, citing intolerable haze levels. The businessman resides in Sungei Petani, Kedah.

He had traveled to Kepala Batas where he and his family were caught up in the smog. The Air Pollutant Index as at 9AM yesterday hit 244 (very unhealthy).

The man wants the international courts to prosecute the Indonesian government and claim US$100 million (S$139 million) as compensation from the Indonesians for causing the haze.

“I wish to take action in the international courts and also claim US$100million from the Indonesian government,” he said, adding that the haze had caused his family problems in breathing.

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