According the family of the recently deceased Spectra Secondary School student, Shina Adriana Hendricks, the 14 year-old girl was not into any “extreme sports” before her death. Their views contrasted with the mainstream media reporting which seemed to blame her death on her attempt to jump from the 4th storey of the school building to the 3rd storey as part of a parkour stunt.

Shina lost her balance during the move and fell straight down to the ground floor. She later succumbed to her injuries in hospital.

“She was not into parkour,” said Ms Sandra Ross, 46, Shina’s aunt and a crew manager in the marine industry. “We didn’t see her doing any of these stunts when she was around us. She was not a physical person. She didn’t even rollerblade.”

In parkour, practitioners go from one point to another in the fastest possible way using moves such scaling obstacles or walls or leaping off ledges of buildings.

Yesterday afternoon, the 14-year- old was laid to rest at Choa Chu Kang Muslim Cemetery. Among the more than 80 mourners were her parents and two sisters, aged 22 and 25, as well as school staff.

In a shocking revelation to the press, Ms Ross revealed that her niece was being bullied by a boy in school, who had been picking on her, calling her names and showering her with vulgarities for over a year. The family came to know that the boy had issued a “dare” to Shina before she attempted her fatal stunt, although they could not be sure whether the boy had dared her to attempt the jump.

Spectra Secondary’s principal Krishnan Aravinthan had earlier told The Straits Times that the school is helping Shina’s family.

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