Tourism Management Institute of Singapore (TMIS) hired teachers to teach English courses to students from China, Myanmar, Vietnam required by ICA before they can proceed to taking the diploma courses offered by the school.

Students needed to have at least 90% attendance as well as pass the exam before qualifying for the diploma course.

Before I started work, the Head of Department for English told me to mark the attendance sheet in pencil but to sign my name in pen so that if the students qualify for the diploma courses, they would ‘help’ the students with their attendance.

The longer I taught these students, the more I realised that things were not right.

I would sometimes get called to meet one of the student agents and was told not to report to the police if the students were absent for more than a week.

The only time I was paid on time was before Chinese New Year. Every month after that, my payment was delayed.

I eventually resigned even though I was not allowed to, under 6-month teaching contract.

I was very glad when I did so, even though it kept my students in the lurch.

The administrator later left TMIS not long after me, and I was later told by my students that nearly the whole class was cheating in the exams.

I had brought these issues up to the Council of Private Education but received no reply – even after a few years.


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