Dear ASS,

I’m Ravi s/o M G Rajasagaran, 33 yrs old. I’m currently unfit to work and it’s been certified by the doctor (I’ve aready attach all my medical documents) what I’m going through is not a short term illness, its an uncureable illness and I have to suffer with this throughout my life.

I’m married and I’ve a son, 2yrs old and my wife is 7 months pregnant now. We just recently got help from the SSO $600 till March 2016. Can I know how am I suppose to run my family with this amount.

I’m going up n down to all association for help but none is coming forward that is why I’m hereby writing this to you. I dun know whether i’m an indian that’s why you all not helping me.

I just want to know whether you all will be able to help me. If you all cannot help me please do let me know. I’ll know what to decide on and I’m not creating any sympathy here.

I really wish you can understand what I mean and what im going through. Thank you so much.

A.S.S. Contributor

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