On Wednesday, City Harvest Church (CHC) founder Kong Hee was found guilty, along with 5 other CHC elders, of misappropriating S$24 million of church funds to finance his wife’s attempt to become a pop star in the United States. They then used another S$26 million to try and cover up the amount through sham bonds.

A day after the verdict, Kong Hee has spoken up about his views on Facebook: “This is a difficult time for me, and especially for my family, just as it is for the other co-accused persons.

“As was the case throughout these past three years of court trial, and the earlier two years of investigation, I have put my faith and my all in God, and trust that whatever the outcome, He will use it for good in His time and in His way (Rom. 8:28; Eccl. 3:11). My family and I are continually assured and strengthened by the love and support shown to us during this entire time.”

He added: “The days and steps ahead are challenging, but with God’s grace and love, I have no fear. The Lord Jesus, my Good Shepherd, will lead and guide. I will obey, I will follow, by faith.”

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