Hello ASS,

By now I would have exhausted the conventional means of getting attention to this matter. I hope others can see and understand that there is something definitely very wrong here. This matter affect all HDB residential and commercial lease owners, which is a good 80-90% of the population.

I refer the the highlighted portion on the picture attachment. The S&CCs rates has been adjusted to be based on electric tariffs prices of Nov 2013. Using crude as an example (if you use brent, nat gas, gasoline, heating oil etc, you will only find greater deviations), that is; Nov 2013 crude prices is +/-USD95, while current crude prices is +/-USD45. This means that the amount benchmark for electric tariffs computation is more than double of current price! Town councils have recently just revised this and will not be revising any changes in the foreseeable future.

Despite all efforts, I have hit a dead-end, town councils will not be reviewing/ revising their calculations and we are all overpaying on electric tariffs because of this premium computation currently and in future; that is until they revise the prices upwards again.

Town councils are not particularly transparent with their cost mechanisms and collections, so besides trying to placate or strong-arm, hoodwink or confuse the matter, they will not bother even if proven that they are guilty of over-charging and simply ignore the matter, as show in email attachment below. They will not show Singaporeans the actual amounts collected vs the cost.

Something is definitely very wrong here and I have poor avenues to address this wrong. I can only hope this gets the right attention somehow.

Mr Sim
A.S.S. Contributors

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