Unhappy that a group of elderly women had woken him up from his sleep to practice their daily taichi exercises, a tattooed hooligan went on a rampage, severely injuring 2 of the elderly women, aged 73 and 83, before running away.

The incident took place yesterday morning at 7AM in a park near Block 617, Hougang Avenue 8.

One of the victims, a 83 year-old taichi instructor who has taught classes in the area for over 23 years, said that she had gone to their usual spot to begin their classes, but noticed a tattooed man sleeping in the long bench in the area.

She tried to wake the man up to ask him to leave the area, but ended up at the receiving end of a string of Hokkien vulgarities.

According to witnesses, the man appeared to be about 70 years old, but was tall and much bigger than everyone else at the scene. After his verbal tirade, he ignored the women and continued to lie on the bench, which was when the instructor decided to call the police for assistance.

Just as she was about to make the call, she was punched in the face by the man. Stunned, she toppled over and lost her bearings, not realizing that the man was about to land another punch on her while she was on the ground. Seeing her instructor in trouble, another brave elderly woman, a 73 year-old woman who is also a friend of the instructor, stepped forward to stop the man. However, she too was flung onto the ground. She hit her head on the sharp end of a step, which caused her to bleed profusely.

Upon seeing the second victim bleeding out, the man turned tail and ran.

Both women were conveyed to the Tan Tock Seng hospital. Doctors have discharged the instructor, but the second victim continues to be warded for observation of possible blood clots in her brain.

Fortunately, the resourceful group of aunties managed to track down the tattooed hooligan, who was spotted lounging in a nearby coffee shop at Block 618. Fearing a confrontation, one of the elderly women took a photo of the man and reported his location to the police, who arrived and escorted the assailant to the police station for questioning.

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