Dear Editors,

I bought a fish tank with cabinet online about three weeks ago. It was advertised as a 5 ft tank with black chengai wood cabinet. For those who don’t know chengai wood is an expensive and hardy wood. I went to view and still believing it was chengai I bought it at sgd 350 and paid sgd 150 for transportation.

At home I noticed that bits and pieces of the wood was falling off. To confirm I called upon the services of a professional cabinet maker and a fish tank set up team. Both confirmed that the cabinet was not made of chengai wood but cheap mdf plywood. It had just been painted over in black paint. The mdf had absorbed moisture especially at the bottom part and had swelled. The tank itself had some leaks. The setup team refused to proceed as they were afraid the tank would collapse.

When I brought it up with the seller he insisted it was chengai wood and I had tampered with the tank. He then turned uncooperative and refused when I asked for a refund. Instead he wanted to sue me for harassment. I had gone to several places like small claims court but they can’t proceed without his full name. The police were no help cos the io says its a civil case. In the end I am stuck with an item that is totally useless.

Please be careful when buying something online as there are false advertising and unscrupulous sellers out there.

A.S.S. Contributor

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