Shortly after news broke about the tragic death of a 14 year-old female student on the grounds of Spectra Secondary School in Woodlands, a netizen who lives in the vicinity of the school has come forward with shocking revelations about the bullying behavior of some students at the school. According to the netizen, Spectra students had on numerous occasions bullied their fellow Spectra students in public places while still wearing their school uniforms.

In one incident, a female student was hit on the head several times by her laughing schoolmates in a KFC outlet at Admiralty Place. The bullying got so serious the netizen had to report the incident to the outlet manager and the discipline master of the school. A few months later, the same netizen saw a boy getting hit by another school mate at a bus stop nearby. The boy burst into tears after receiving the abuse, which prompted the netizen to inform the school again. On both occasions, the school had promised to get back to the netizen on the school’s investigations, but they never did.

The netizen’s revelations has prompted some netizens to demand a full investigation from the police and the school with regard to any bullying activity that might have caused the young 14 year-old’s unfortunate death.

Read the netizen’s full post here.

Goodness this is such sad news. I live around the area & yes I’ve seen the students few times. I’m not happy to say they were not in their best behaviors most times in public areas. True this does Not apply to All students but there was an unruly incident that I need to share.

I’ve actually called the school to inform I saw a female student being bullied by her school mates in KFC at Admiralty Pl. She was knocked several times on her head by her girlfriend & they were all laughing about it. I don’t think that was funny! Told the outlet manager too cos it was that bad. They left shortly after.

Few months earlier I saw a boy being hit by another schoolmate at a bus stop nearby. He was crying. All these children I’m telling about now were in their Spectra uniforms.

I was told by the staff from the General office the Discipline master would get back to me. Nobody did !

I think it’s high time the school needs to address their students attitudes because this is such a Concern. Please Wake Up !! Work with the Parents or Guardians.

I am addressing the school now cos it’s just Too bad this Tragedy happened in your vicinity.

It’s true the school would like to recognize the students other than their Academic capabilities but we live in a civilized society with Law & Order. I have a Sec school teenager son from a different school & I know it can be tough at times trying to look out for them all the time.

I’m truly sorry about the girl. We don’t know what the Hell happened & pointless to be pointing fingers now but this should have Not happened !!

Gyn 73
A.S.S. Reader

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