2 years ago, a lady came to MPS to seek my assistance on a persistent case of summons around the cluster she stays in. I was told that a LTA officer will literally ‘camp’ there between 5-7pm. Residents understood that the officer was just carrying out his duties and they do not blame him. Moreover, they see him so often that they became ‘friends’. The officer will alert them that they have parked too long and it is time to leave before he takes any action. To solve the problem of illegal parking, HDB decided to install CCTV in the vicinity. This lady, together with some other residents brought it to my attention the challenges they are facing should this continue.

I decided to go down to the cluster to try to meet this LTA officer. My purpose was to find out about the situation. Just when I was about to walk around the area, a gentleman came to greet me and was very happy to see that I was there to meet the officer. I came to understand that he stays at level 2 and came down to talk to me when he saw me from his window.

The next day, I went about to do my work and like everyone, was shocked to know about the Kovan double murder. What was even more shocking to me was I found the younger Mr Tan to be so familiar.

He was the gentleman I met the day before.

We met briefly in life but the encounter left a deep impression. I can still remember him running down from his flat to thank me in person.

The case is finally on trial and may the family find closure to this incident soon.

Lee Li Lian
Workers’ Party

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