I read in the news regarding taxi drivers and the car sharing companies here in Singapore(Uber and Grabtaxi). Taxi drivers here are concerned that this new companies are spoiling their rice bowls. And they want the government to be fair in giving this companies permission to hire drivers e.g Taxi Vocational License.

Taxi drivers here says that they are concerned for the safety of all the commuters that takes an Uber or Grabtaxi as the drivers do not have enough driving experienced and Taxi Vocational License. Why i find it ridiculous for this Uber and Grabtaxi drivers to own a Taxi Vocational License is because this TVL does not ensure the safeness for commuters, it is the drivers that have to ensure this.

Taxi drivers have TVL but have you ever see taxis that drive safely? 2 out of 10? Tell me what does a Taxi Vocational License can do to ensure safety for us commuters? Taxi drivers had to pay huge amount of money and time to get this TVL. But in every accidents occurs there will be atleast 1 taxi involved why? Is it because their TVL is expiring?

So in other words, by letting Uber and Grabtaxi drivers take TVL they will be allowed to take commuter on the roadside? No?. They are allowed to queue with taxis in the taxi stands to pick up passengers hailing a cab? No?. So whats the point? Only because by having TVL commuter will know they are safe?

I taken taxis most of my life until i own my own driving license and this taxis rides always makes me think i am in a F1 car. What i am trying to emphasize is taxi drivers should stop whining and start doing a real job. You can’t beat them, join them. Uber and grabtaxi will always accepts drivers to join them.

Anyway the authorities should look into the way this taxis drive on the road. Just my humble point of view.

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