I’m a 37 years old man working in the banking sector who is a regular in one
of the social escort website. I got to know of this Social Escort website
through Laskaboy forum. Actually, I was quite happy with the working ladies
and the services. I usually paid with my credit card and register using my
email address. I’m being using this Social Escort Website services for more
than a year, until the blackmail starts.

I received an email mentioning they know I’m working for a foreign bank in
Marina Bay and knows my department. If I don’t pay $30,000 to them, they will
send mass emails to all my co workers informing them I regularly engage the
services of social escorts.

Well, I’ll not pay and see want happens. I want to know whether they will
send mass email to the bank. I won’t make a police report because with just a
email addresses, I think the police also can’t do very much. Well, I can only
say it’s bad luck.

A.S.S. Contributor

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