Joke on how effective you are, msf. Ministry of Social and Family? Then what are you doing to break up our small family. I just wanted my Girlfriend to be back with me, and you just snatch her away from me. Not answering any calls from us, even my girlfriend’s Mother. Even my girlfriend’s Mother cant contact till my Girlfriend. Can’t even get to know where she is until the fourth day.

My Girlfriend is only 13 years old, yet you bring her to court without any parents consent. Is this how singapore’s law or police do their job? We can’t even lodge a report just to know where she is. My Girlfriend is already 5months pregnant, and you put her inside girls home. What if she was bullied inside? What can you do? You can’t be watching over her for 24/7 every single day.

I’m the one who was at fault, but why did you charge on only my Girlfriend? MY GIRLFRIEND IS PREGNANT AND YOU PUT HER INSIDE GIRLS HOME. You said it was a better place for her? It wasn’t, she need more care.

Furthermore, I can’t even attend her court hearing, she would be afraid because she is alone and she is only 13 years old. She called her mum saying she wanted to go home, but msf is not doing anything. MSF told us she could be out after 1 month, but she isn’t out now. Why? I’m the Father of the child, I will bear all responsibility of the wrongs I did, because I’m a guy, but you took a 5 months pregnant woman away, putting her in such a dangerous place, without any care. Me and my Mother couldn’t get to see her at all, even her court hearing, we can’t be there.

Hope you all would share around and let my Girlfriend to come back to me and I would take good care of her that you all couldn’t.

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