Dear Editors,

What is wrong with the Singapore policies?

First, we don’t have a good policy to create a talent-pool according to the demands and changes in economic commercial and industrial landscape of Singapore! What is wrong?

Certainly, it is the education policies and foresight that the Government lacks that resulted in recruiting workers from 3rd world countries into our labor market. So sad that Singaporeans have to listen to all these remarks by FT. Who create this situation?

I urge the MOE and MOM collectively put in place the changes required in creating for the next wave of talent-pool of IT professionals, intellectuals etc. It should be held responsible and accountable if they fall short or fail in this respect.

If required, one professional only be engaged in the respective fields for a contract period of not more than 5 years. An audit committee must ensure such restrictions are not violated.

In total, at any point of time, not more than 20 such foreign professionals will be in our country. For sure they will gain our respect and we don’t loose ours. Responsible actions will demand respect.

Let’s make the changes and regain our misplaced respect as Singaporeans in our own country

A.S.S. Contributor

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