To the girl in ethics class that felt that we the LGBT community should “move else where” as biases will always exist and we will always be discriminated.

I would just like to tell you, we are not trying to make Singapore to like us or agree with our love preference, sexual preference or our gender identity.

We just hope that Singapore will at least give us the due protection we need to make sure we will not be given up on a career opportunity or to be bullied by other people for that matter. And let us have the fundamental right to love each other.

Maybe Singapore is not ready yet for the repeal of 377A. But how about Article 12? Just including us to give us the protection we need when we get discriminated/persecuted. And let those of us who are equally capable to fight for our dreams.

I just hope you will stop and put yourself in our shoes. LGBT discrimination are always present just like racial discrimination. But can we just get the protection from it just like how everyone else is?

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