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This hardcore Christian zealot is furious that NUS organized a LGBT forum on 17 Oct. This lady, Carrie Shalom who frequently posts articles in that group and sees a LGBT plot in almost everything has accused NUS of organizing a LGBT symposium to normalize the LGBT lifestyle in Singapore.

One of the panelists for the symposium was former Nominated MP Paulin Tay Straughan from the Department of Sociology at NUS.

Besides criticizing NUS for organizing a forum to discuss the LGBT issue, she also viciously attacked the Free Community Church representative. She called the Free Community Church an apostate church that distorts biblical doctrines and endorses homosexuality.

Is the lady too extreme? Or has NUS allowed an evil and highly dangerous LGBT movement to mislead the public and fester within the walls of the university by organizing this one forum?

I didn’t even know such a forum existed. But a globally recognized university like NUS can’t afford to be so squeamish, right? They need such views for academic research. And nobody can be converted to a ghey just by hearing a ghey talk.

A.S.S. Contributor

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