Mokka was adopted from us last year and the adopter recently called us saying that she changed boyfriend and her new boyfriend ask her not to keep the dogs thus no longer want to keep the two dogs. Only after we saw someone posting about these two lost dog that they found that we know that she has abandoned him on the streets!! We didn’t even have time to arrange a foster home for them!

Mokka was rescued since he was a puppy and is not street smart at all. Not only that, the other dog she abandoned is only a chihuahua. (The chihuahua was not adopted from us, so will his previous rehomer please step up!)

We are urgently looking for Mokka and the other dog, Milo!! We have contacted the person who first posted this dog but is waiting for them to reply. If anybody lives around that area and have seen these two dogs, please call us at 97659951!


Mokka & Milo were found in SPCA. Ting Ting the adopter actually called SPCA and put Mokka in the crate herself because he was hard to handle. Ting Ting (the ex-adopter) knowingly sent these dogs to their death! Milo was friendly and smaller and would probably be adoptable, however that was not the case for Mokka. If we did not contact SPCA in time, Mokka would have been dead.

We managed to find a foster home for Milo at the last minute, however are unable to find any thing for Mokka so he is still at SPCA. We are urgently looking for a shelter to take him in as we are unsure of his temperament. If there is any shelter to take him in temporarily, and able to keep him separated from the other dogs until we can monitor his temperament, please call us at 97659951.

Deadline for Mokka is tmr, by hook or by crook, we need to get him out of there! If those who own a kennel space, and is willing to give us a hand, please contact us ASAP!! Our foster homes are full!

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