Like how a normal consumer would react, Mr Chew and his 2 colleagues, who felt as disgusted having the same order (definitely curry chicken was cooked and served from the same pot), approached the staffs at Asia Square Toast Box complaining about their shocking discovery. They offered to change their meal to another and ask them to top up the cost difference. Not only were they not apologetic towards such hygiene negligence, their service were very questionable too.

Mr Chew’s frustration obviously needed to be attended hence they requested to speak to the management who can deal with the incident in a more proper manner. The staffs, who were still ignorant about the seriousness, said “they’re not around (FULLSTOP)”. Since no assurance were given that the matter will be raised with reasonable resolution being followed up, they wrote in via website. They went back requesting for their receipts to keep as evidence, but what was given to them was 3 random receipts of other consumers’ purchase, timed an hour after their actual order which proved that they continued to sell the same pot of contaminated curry after being notified.

Prompt enough, their operation staff called within the same day to apologize and explain how they would go about investigating the cleanliness issue and service quality with the frontline. But in contrary (even before investigation), they protected their staffs saying their cashier time was set an hour in advance when questioned about selling the contaminated curry after being notified. (Mr Chew and colleagues have been patrons of Toast Box especially on OTs days, as meals are claimable for specific hours, the time printed on receipt for claims submission is an important approval factor, they never fail to ensure the accuracy of that.)

Their attempt to conceal such wrongdoings had disappoint Mr Chew much. He rejected their offer of $100 dining voucher as compensation since no satisfactory account was given to assure him that after this bad experience he can still consume their food at ease. Would you still visit Toast Box again? #NEA

Disgusted at Hygiene Lapse

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