I am cheated by someone by buying Legoland tickets
I found AD posted on the Gumtree Singapore selling 4 adult Legoland tickets and through SMS communication I confirmed I am going to buy Legoland tickets . Please see attached communication, but when we exchanged tickets and money. I realized this is RM50 discount voucher not Legoland ticket , I had contact with her and requested for a refund , but she refuses  to refund because I made mistakes she had  posted on the ticket online , but I do not know, purposely or  not ticket not showing RM50 OFF parts on her online posted photo , I mean ticket not fully visible.
I understood and agreed  i am stupid because i did mistake I did not see properly, but as a Singaporean how can RM200 discount voucher (equivalent SG $66 ) which is going to expire end of this month sale SG $100 to other Singaporean. My point, let's say somehow I misinterpreted online AD , but you know what you are selling why not you correct me. I do not know what she can do with $100 now days , but my heart says she cheated with me , finally she willing to return to me $50 but I want a full return because I do not have a budget or money to buy tickets for my family at the moments , So  I  reported to the police this matter. Thank you
A.S.S. Contributor

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