The woman was working with an events company and her firm had won a $1 million exhibition contract with SCDF. When she was asked to work a SCDF Lieutenant Colonel for the contract, she did not expect it would mean the end of her job.

The woman, 28, has alleged that the married SCDF LTC is sexually harassing her and she has made a police report. According to the Whatsapp messaging transcripts that the woman had provided, the LTC, who is also a father, constantly tried to get her to agree to sex. “I want to have you badly”, “making out”, “friends with benefits” and “I am determined to have you” are some of things the LTC had sent to the woman.

After she rejected him time and again, he made life difficult for her by bad-mouthing her to her employer, the woman claimed. “He told my boss he did not understand my part because I was not comprehensive in my work. But how could that be when everyone else on the team understood? “He also told others that I was the one who kept pestering him and that I was irritating.”

When the woman told her bosses about the matter, they ignored her and she was left with no choice but to quit.

Police investigations are on-going and the SCDF have confirmed the case but would not comment pending investigations.

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