Your humble narrator laments the sorrowful certitude that our current generation has developed into one characterised by deplorable attention spans and an underdeveloped comprehension of the importance of patience.

This I ascribe to our Government’s complete and utter disregard for the health and happiness of mid-lower income workers. In a desperate attempt to prolong our eventual economic demise, relentllessly induces citizens with the injurious, mindless, frenetic pressure to work; 10-hour work days, under the guise of greater productivity, that has since been debunked by modern psychology (…/what-hours-should-i-work-everyday-as-a… ,…/why_we_have_to_go_back_to_a_40-ho… )

Low work life balance; high work hours, but abhorrently low wages; as evidently highlighted in the critically-acclaimed video, ‘Lee Kuan Yew is finally dead!’ (I know).

But believe me when I say it’s not entirely the fault of the PAP Government, when you yourself are heedless of your own physical and emotional needs, falsely perceiving a general malaise as a typical human state, before eventually being diagnosed with depression or cancer and die.

The melancholic irony, that we are in a point in history where we have the internet, and all the resources available to open; widen our minds, but in a bid to accommodate the patience-deficient, low attention spans of the feeble general public, brought upon by our repulsive economic system, that exact same internet has instead been used, to narrow our minds, so much so that we’re mentally programmed to immediately shut off a video once we see a black screen, even when the video is still going.

Amos Yee

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