I had went out with a guy a few times in my younger days. The chap is a very earnest chap and i pretty like him. Two years my senior, working as a bank executive.

Then it was my birthday. He asked me out to go for movie, I was okay since it was a weekend and i only have appointment at dinner time. So after the movie, we had decided to have lunch at Macdonald. He said want to treat me as it was my birthday. I was like okay.

Then he give me a strange cd case said it was my birthday gift. I couldn’t tell what CD was that. And after way through the lunch, he said that he liked me and wanted me to be his SO.

I don’t know how do you all feel about it. Personally i had received a few confession before and this was the worst one and i feel a sense of insincerity as the place plus the mood wasn’t right. I felt that he was trying to push his luck. There was an awkward silence for awhile and he pressed the answer. I told him that I need to think about it.

When i was home i opened up the cd and it was those recordable CD. Inside were the songs he burnt from his mp3. I felt insulted. The gift was lack of sincerity too. I don’t mind he don’t give anything. But i felt that the gift was really a lack of effort on his part.

The birthday and the confession cost him no more than $30. It just spoil my mood for the rest of the day. T.T

A.S.S. Reader

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