Shortly after the tragic death of a 4 year-old boy following his fall from a Yishun Housing Development Board (HDB) flat last week, Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam has said that he will be seeking “legal recourse” for the family.

This is because the family had informed him that the tragic accident could have been prevented if their contractor had come in to install window grills in their home instead of going missing.

According to the family, the boy was alone at home when he fell out of the window of his family’s 9th storey flat, which was not grilled. The family had just moved into their flat, but the contractor that was supposed to carry out the installation of the grills was not contactable.

After some time, the father decided to cancel the contract, to which the contractor then asked to meet. However, the contractor did not show up for the meeting. When they finally responded, they said they would send a termination contract, which never arrived. Even after the tragedy occurred, the contractor has not gotten back to the family.

Mr Shanmugam, who is also an MP in Nee Soon GRC, expressed his dismay at the contractor’s irresponsibility in a Facebook post on Thursday.

“There must be steps taken against such contractors – if what the father says is correct. We must help the family to get legal recourse,” Mr Shanmugam said. “It won’t bring back the child, but there has to be some justice done. I have told (him) we will help find a lawyer for the family.”

Mr Shanmugam added: “If these facts are true, then the conduct is shameful, irresponsible and has contributed to the tragedy.

“One can understand the parents’ anger, anguish. To lose a child like this. Because someone has not done what he is supposed to have done. And the conduct after the tragedy is shocking.”

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