Our reader shares with us his encounter with an MLM-type company. How many readers have been in a similar situation?

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My story starts when someone I used to know in NS casually ask me to go out with some friends to an event in town. He introduces me to his circle of friends, some of which are apparently “so rich they want to help other ppl”. I spoke to some of them and feel they have good intentions, but I may have been stupid to do so.

They ask me to join some entrepreneurship thing, to learn about “business” and need to pay cash, don’t really have much paperwork, just a form with particulars. I am somewhat interested, so I join. Then it becomes a thing where the more people you recruit, the more you “earn”, and I was quite pissed cos they didn’t say this before, just about their “business” which I had a vague interest in.

I have attended some of their “training sessions” just out of curiosity, they have big names in their group, and keep saying how they want to change the world, retire early, achieving your “life goals” etc. which is sometimes strange, cos they talk about using warm ties, “targeting” people in NS, uni, even aunties “indirectly”.. tbh I was thinking wtf at that point aren’t I one of them. Then someone talks about how they are seen as MLM, and even on forums (which is how I found this forum in the first place).. and I got pretty suspicious. They are also semi-secretive cos they have some meetings I cant attend? I keep going deeper into this to see if they’re real or fake, I know who some of them are and they know who I am, so it’s kind of hard to disappear now. I know a few people and they are freaking friendly to me, and keep calling me and inviting me to more events.

The reason I am meeting them is to find out more about who is inside, and what else they do. They do not share much info about their other activities. The ppl who I met in NS I consider my friends, but I feel they’re not going to get much out of this in the end because it’s MLM related, and they have already taken up much of my time. I believe in hard work and they seem to me hardworking at least, but I am more curious about their mentality and their belief in mlm.

I don’t even know if the company is registered, I read on some forum that they are related to another company on MAS watchlist. They meet at some posh place in city area. I have decided not to meet them anymore as it’s pressuring yet they seem so friendly.

They mainly ask for money as investment, or more recruits, and you will earn from them getting “investments”. It’s sort of grey if it’s illegal, and I don’t know if I should report them even given I don’t have any evidence.

Have you been in this kind of thing? I’m curious if anyone else has been asked to join a similar group. My mum for eg. told me she encountered this even in her time and has been telling me this kind of thing is a scam.

A.S.S. Reader

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