A reader has sent us screenshots of an email sent by a staff at Kids Amaze, a commercial children's playground located at SAFRA Jurong. According to our reader, a young mother had brought her child to the playground when the child accidentally cut himself on some loose cable ties, which required him to go to the doctor for stitches. The mother then requested Kids Amaze take responsibility for the incident. 
However, the young mother later received an unintentionally leaked internal company email from a Kids Amaze staff which accused the parent of being demanding and unreasonable. The staff also disclaimed all responsibility for the accident and recommended that the company not pay for any subsequent medical fees incurred because of the child's injury.
Read the mother's post and the emails here.
"So internal email was accidentally sent to me… So friends… Please be aware… If there's no blood at the incident then I really don't know what is cutting my son's forehead such that a surgical glue is required to close up the wound… she admitted to me that after I wrote in to them.. They did a check and remove all the loose cable ties…
It is very obvious that she doesn't know that in situation like this…. doc will always ask for a follow up to ensure that the wound is close up…. so she thinks I'm so free to bring him to the hospital for review. …
So I shouldn't "think" KA should be responsible. …. It's my foul luck that that my son is injuried in a kids indoor playground ….. seriously I don't need that compensation anymore…. I have gain enough seeing the ugly face of this organisation"
Internal Company Email
Reply from the mother

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