Dear Reporters,
A reporter called me earlier to inform me that he has spoken to Wilson and Precilla that they have an arrangement to settle the balance with me – this is entirely not true.
After the check bounced, i went to their residence and they wrote a letter to me claiming they would pay back.
They took two days to reply me as they paid me only $1,000 after much chasing on my end. Both Wilson and Precilla were supposed to discuss how to return me the balance as per the above letter.
I am including a final “private settlement” i wanted to do with them.  I met Wilson on 7th September 2015 and passed him the below letter for settlement. This letter was personally penned by me. He agreed to get Precilla who is the owner of the dealer to sign and pass me back but after that they avoided my calls and messages; also that was the last i saw of them. The letter was not signed nor returned to me – hence it is not effective.
That was when i approached KX-Unit to get back my money as i felt that i have exhausted all means of chasing; i have given them more than enough chances and repayment opportunities. 
I also understand from the reporter who called me that Wilson felt threatened by KX-Unit during the collection processes. I know KX-Unit has body cameras on them during every operations and I have viewed a few videos of the process. Also KX-Unit has a "Warrant to Act" to legally negotiate  for payments on my behalf, during the operations the Police were present and has confirmed these documents. During one of the videos Precilla even mentioned she will throw away the car if she wishes but she will not return the car. I have checked with KX-Unit Winston Chin, he can allow the reporters to view these videos to confirm verify these. 
Please contact Winston Chin of KX-Unit(ct.: 8112 7790)if you wish to view these videos to verify the story.
Thank you,

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