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Here is my opinion as a Malaysian:

I am currently single and no girlfriend. Sometimes whenever I got to know a girl classmate (during university time) and workmate(during work time), I will always pay for our meeting where we consider it as a date to get to know each other and to understand each other likes and dislikes, what she love and hate and etc. I appreciate girls who makeup and dress decently (some dress sexy) just to meet us as a guy and to understand each other . They took effort to make sure that the first impression of meeting the guy in a date, be it dinner date, lunch date, or even coffee date( means u ask the girl out for a coffee time together) because to them first impression is very important to the guy and me would dress decently to make good first impression to the girls.

I can see many fighting on who should pay first, why should we pay for date, this and that. For me, if a guy doesn’t want to pay, don’t ask the girl out, easy and case closed. For me, if I have a girlfriend, I will pay on first date, then she pay on second, the me on third and so on or if me pay for the dinner, she will pay for the movies( if going to movies) , themepark( if go to themepark) or coffeetime, is like we share the payment for each other and vice versa(we call it as AA). Remember, first impression is always important as the first date shows how our attitude towards to girl or how the girls attitude towards a guy.

You don’t need to bring her to expensive place just for a date. Even a decent restaurant with good ambience will do. Some of the restaurants boast their so called delicious dish but expensive and in the end, the food sucks. Then when the girl go and search for the same food but much cheaper and more delicious. Why this happen? Is because the so-called high class restaurants marketing gimmick to earn money. I have seen some high class restaurant customer service not up to expectation.

From what I observe on the replies and opinions related to this post, I feel that the guy are more money minded and u expect something in return, like some say sex. Yes I wish that too but for me , on this, its up to her, her body her choice. From the way they reply like u expect sex in return for paid dinner date, like seriously? If like that go Geylang lor… don’t waste time dating a girl. I have a classmate who have a girlfriend share the bill and pay together, then the he pay for the movie and after that they continued to enjoy themselves by clubbing together. They enjoy their time together and they now a married couple till today.

* This is my personal opinion, sorry if anyone get offended*

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