I’m not going to speak for all singaporean men, neither am i going against the reader. This is just an opinion..

My girlfriend spends roughly $70 on eyelashes a month for herself. sometimes i feel she does it for me, but being a representative of the company she works for, i respect her choice and sometimes offer to pay for it. but she would never let me. That’s perfectly fine, and i honestly think she’s beautiful without them. she spends a lot more on herself but i also respect her choices because its her money and she does what she wants with it.

At the same time, i spend money on a car, bike, wallet, etc and she respects that i have an image to upkeep because i am the face of a company which i own.

it boils down to lifestyles. Some singaporean men feel that they are inadequate or just not good enough because girls sometimes have branded bags and flashy jewelry. These girls either make it on their own or they have someone backing them financially (wealthy parents, wealthy husband, wealthy boyfriend etc etc). it is not up to us men to judge.

some girls think men are inadequate because we can’t afford to buy them the things they want. but at the same time, women should chose a man based on their capability.

Fact of the matter is, singapore has a wide range of people with different financial backgrounds, financial capabilities, financial commitments etc… if you can’t afford a materialistic girlfriend, find one who will settle for what you can achieve. if you can’t, look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you can do more so you can afford your dream girl.

women, if you want a man who will gladly pay for everything for you, but expect him to also commit to a relationship, please don’t be mistaken. if you can be bought, you’re just an object to him.

Our society (not as a whole) has become driven to wants and not needs. What happened to “I need love” or “i need companionship”?

it has become more like “I need someone who can pay for this…” or i need someone who can sustain my lifestyle” or “i need to make more money” or “i need to keep with the trends to look attractive”…

bottomline, don’t complain with a generalised statement… find someone on your level… if you both are on different levels, one will have to give more than the other and the one on the giving end, has no right to complain…

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