A reader has shared with us a Facebook post by Kevin Lua, who came across a PRC lady scammer who tried to convince him to lend her some money to tide her over some “difficulties”. Being quick witted, Kevin realized that he had encountered a similar sob story told by another foreigner in Bedok the previous week, so he quickly rejected her.

This is not the first instance of PRC scammers trying to take advantage of Singaporeans’ good hearts. Readers had previously shared stories of how PRC “beggar syndicates” have used all form of tricks to try and fleece Singaporeans out of their hard earned cash. According to news reports, social workers believe that these PRCs and other foreigners are flocking to Singapore because they believe that Singaporeans are kind hearted and tend to let their guard down against “disadvantaged” groups.

Read Kevin Lua’s post here.

To all my dear friends.

I experienced this myself. I was in Tampines today and this woman approached me to ask to lend her some money. She say she is from Shanghai and that she ran into some problems here and need money to tide over. So she is seeking a loan assistance and that she will return the money. She will ask you for your phone number to pay you back.

I encounter the same situation/ same story line with a guy in Bedok last week and I say this can’t be a coincidence.

A syndicate or team is probably operating to scam sympathy money from the public so please share this and warn your frens that we have sympathy for you but we are not suckers either.

Kevin Lua
A.S.S. Reader

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