A Stomper recently captured this disgusting sight of a possibly foreign woman taking off her child’s pants and allowing him to pee on the floor of the food court at ION Orchard basement.

This incident happened 2 days ago.

According to the stomper Ng, the child had been fidgeting around for a while before the woman finally decided to bring him to a wall, a short distance away from her own food table. She then took off the boy’s pants and allowed him to pee against the wall despite there being other tables with patrons nearby.

After doing the nasty deed, she then placed a single piece of tissue over the puddle.

Ng, who was horrified and disgusted by the woman’s actions, had this to say: “What is that supposed to do, magically clean itself up??? What makes her think it’s okay to have her child pee in a food place??? COMMON SENSE NOT TO???”

Are people in Singapore gradually losing their sense of shame and hygiene with the influx of all these foreigners these days? What do you think?

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