Dear Editors,

I am writing to you about an article of a guy that has con a number of people and is still at large.This is the story His name is Ernesto Jr Delas LLAGas Dcruz. Currently he is on work permit for the past few years.

This man in the photo has lived in my house for years. Initially he used to pay rent on time for the past 2 years but lately he has been stalling payment for quite some time and has not returned the money back. Apart from that he borrowed from my mother a certain amount. As he had been staying in my house for very long she thought nothing of it and just helped him out. Little did we know that this guy had borrowing from my mum a lot of cash and also he has not paid rent for a number of months. He kept delaying payment and at the same time my mum couldn’t collect from him as she didn’t see him often.

This guy has left that he was staying, but the thing is he has gone around borrowing from licensed money lenders which they have been coming to my place for the past few months, with the amount he has borrowed. The letters of him borrowing the amount is constantly being sent to my place.

He has also cheated a number of people for money by saying that his family is in ICU. He cheated his gf of a lump sum of money amounting to $50000.I am not sure of the number of people he has cheated. But I am pretty sure he has borrowed a lot from a number of people especially from licensed money lenders.

Currently I have made a police report on this guy but I would like to urge all those who know him and know of his whereabouts to report it to the police, so that we can help those people whom he cheated the money to gain back the amount loss.

Anyone who has been cheated by him please do make a police and report and to whoever is sheltering him , please make a police report so that we can help apprehend this guy.

K Jaya
A.S.S. Contributor

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