i dont understand why i am still single… most of my friends say i am pretty and dresses quite well. i look good in heels and dresses. and i have a pretty decent job. i work in an office with a salary of roughly $3k sgd. i do know how to put makeup, those that can walk around and attract wolf whistles. i’m quite sexy if i dress up.

but i want a nice guy to settle down. not someone just for fun.

i have visited a few matchmaking sessions but cant find a decent guys. there are many guys who will email or whatsapp me after the sessions but i ignore them coz they are really losers. i got very discouraged after while and quit these sessions. seriously these losers should really improve themselves before they come such matchmaking and not waste people’s time

where can i meet guys that are single and available? i hope to find a guy that is

– serious about settling down! v impt.
– must be tall 1.75m at least.
– salary must be doubled of me, if not, we can’t marry. $7000 and above pls.
– hopefully can live condo next time, i dont like HDB. many weirdos in the hdb where i live
– must hire a maid. do not expect me to cook. cook will spoil my skin and hands.
– must be sporty and fit. ideally we can do yoga weekly. fat pple no no!
– must know how to give in to me when we quarrel.
– be sweet!

hard to find these chinese guys now liao… maybe Caucasians would be good too.

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