39 year-old Nicholas Kwek, who set up a company to attract local girls to become prostitutes, was sentenced 9 months jail for vice on Monday. He had admitted in court to 5 of 16 charges under the Women’s Charter – of living on the earnings of prostitutes, procuring women and conspiring with his 23 year-old accomplice to procure women for prostitution.

In the beginning, Kwek set up “Baby Dolls Talent Agency” and advertised for social escorts in various newspapers. He interviewed interested applicants, verified their ages before asking them to fill up employment applications and to sign an “agreement” with his company.

Once accepted, he would brief the women on their job scope, which included having sex with customers. Earnings from these encounters would be split 50-50 with Kwek.

By the time he was arrested in June this year, he had 8 prostitutes working under him. His working girls, mostly in their 20s, gave him half their earnings. One 29 year-old working girl gave him $1200 as part of his commission.

Kwek was a member of the notorious online sex forum, Sammyboy. He revealed in court that he had paid as much as $500 a month to advertise the services of the girls working for him there. In the forum, he went by the name, “lovelygirls”, and would post his working girls’ details for interested customers, such as their age, race and physical measurements, including censored photographs.

Customers would usually contact him via private message. When a deal was made, he would arrange for a suitable time and location for sexual services to be provided. At the time of his arrest, he had made $14,400 from his working ladies.

Shortly before his arrest, his accomplice, Low Beeling, was approached by a 21 year-old woman seeking to help her ex-boyfriend pay off his debt of $500. Low told the woman she was working for Kwek as an escort providing sexual services and introduced the woman to Kwek. Low also introduced one more girl to Kwek. The 21 year-old was eventually “signed” by Kwek and started working for him.

His lawyer Adrian Tan Wen Cheng said in mitigation that his client, a former contractor, had decided to quit the social escort business as a result of his newly-found Christian faith. He was about to wind down his business when he was arrested.

He could have been fined up to $10,000 and jailed for up to five years on each charge.

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