not to generalise, but many singaporean guys really cannot make it. expect us females to cook. I mean, this is what century? if i stay home as homemaker, then yes maybe i really ought to cook but i am working like u guys too, bringing back the bacon.

and there are guys out there who still don’t like that their wives work…. simi logic is this? year 2015 leh, not 1915 leh.

carry a bit of branded handbag, then kanna labelled gold-digger. i dont understand why some guys can splurge on car, car accessories, watches, tv, computers, mobile phones, but we buy a little nicer handbags, we are labelled?

some guys told me they dont want to approach any lady that carries a bag because they assume they (guys) are not fit for them liao. way to score.

pls dont judge us girls just because of a handbag we wear, or a lipstick color we have. or just because our skirts a bit shorter (in case the guys dont realise it, we short girls have to wear short skirts to make our legs longer and appear taller!!!)

we dont put make up, we are labelled lazy and worse, UGLY. no guys like us put make up too much, we are labelled THICK LAYER OF CAKE and laughed at.
please tell us what to do. u think we were born knowing how to put on the optimal level of make up? we don’t learn this in sec school. we have to pay for workshops, or trial and errors.

and do u guys know how much cosmetic costs? 1 bloody lipstick costs $100. thats $100 u guys can treat us to 4 meals. (casual dining) and u guys complain that u guys have to pay for dinner everytime. I havent even calculate the foundation, eye liner eye shadow etc etc If i dont spend the money and just go plain, because i want to save more money, then I would be laughed as an ugly woman.

this is the truth abt singaporean men. many good men are taken up by the lucky girls, leaving all these jokers who think that we singaporean women are too good for them, so they bring some ladies from overseas.

See for the full context of the discussion: http://petalbytes.com/all-about-love/female-friends-early-30s-and-still-very-single/

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