UPDATED: As reported earlier, a Singapore-based Japan products company, Tanesei Trading Pte Ltd, fired a local Singaporean. According to our reader, the company had said it did not need to give her employee benefits under a "special agreement" between the Singapore government and the Japanese Embassy.
In a clarification posted on their Facebook page, Tanasei Trading Pte Ltd, the company has said that it is not a Japanese company as claimed by the reader and says it is the midst of serving a legal letter to the former employee for damages to its reputation. It stated that there letter written by our reader B.M. Lim contains untruths about her dismissal.
In her latest email, our reader has wisely decided to send a plea for help to Worker's Party secretary-general Mr Low Thia Khiang, who we all know will resolve the problem amicably and swiftly. View her full letter here.
May Lim <***************@gmail.com>
to: REACH, "Nooraini HAMZAH (MCI)" <[email protected]>, thiakhiang.low
I am writing to you again as the Japanese director concerned refuses to return my paycheck to me and is furthermore, taking a lawsuit against me for exposing the unethical HR practices of the company.
He claimed that I accused the company of hiring illegal workers which I did not do so. I merely said that he was not adhering to our Employment Act and the supervisor confidently said I "will not win" even if I file a complain with MOM and that "there are dozens of foreigners" ready to commence employment in view of the recent endorsement of prevailing economic and manpower policies of our government.
I feel very upset about this as foreign run companies are able to openly exploit us in our own country. This particular incident also ignites vivid memories of Japanese atrocities for which they never quite apologized and I'm wondering if this government should continue supporting their post war efforts of reversing their pacifist constitution.
Hence I hope you will remind the government to swiftly implement minimum wage as well as a return to our Socialist Democratic roots instead of the current Capitalistic one where greed and oppression are the only driving forces!
Yours faithfully,
Ms B.M. Lim

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