A reader made an order with Nando’s Chicken JCube branch last Friday, expecting to have a good lunch. When the food turned up 70 minutes later, they were shocked to discover that their chicken had gone from Peri Peri to burnt and inedible!

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My colleague and I had ordered Nando’s via Foodpanda on 9 October 2015 at 11:30am. Food was prepared by JCube Branch, Singapore and it was delivered 70 minutes later. We ordered 2 types of chicken wings, 5 pieces of Original – lemon & herb peri-peri and 5 pieces of peri crusted – mild peri-peri, 1 quarter chicken with 2 peri wedges, 1 peri chips, 1 spicy rice and Mediterranean rice.

First, the chicken wings wasn’t labeled, we couldn’t tell which box contains what type of chicken wings based on looking at the chicken wings, both chicken wings in the different boxes look identical.

Secondly, the food was a disaster, all the chicken wings are burned either on both sides or on one of the sides, the peri wedges are all stuck together, and the wings on the quarter chicken are 70% of the size of the chicken wings, what I am implying is that the quarter chicken is very small in size. In both boxes, be it original or peri crusted there wasn’t any difference in both the texture and taste, just that one has mild spicy taste on them. But both have strong burned smell and taste.

Worst of all, the cutlery, serviette and sauce sachet are not provided. #nandosSG

A.S.S. Reader

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