Before Uber and Grabcar, I had to stand under the scorching sun with a young child waiting more than 45 mins for a damn cab. It’s either they do not want to go to the place you want, they change to hired immediately after spotting you or they act as if you are invisible driving right pass you. There is no way getting a cab during peak hours.

During holidays? Even you call for 3 hours also nobody wanna pick you up! I was once at ION Orchard shopping during Christmas. No one wanna pick us up because ION no need pay CBD charge. We had to walk to Wisma to take a cab. Is this call fair to us? With Uber, I don’t even have to walk and wait under the scorching sun!

And Uber drivers that I’ve encounter are way more polite than taxi drivers! Btw I’ve taken Uber more than 50 times. None of them were as rude as taxi uncles. I’m not saying all uncles are rude but you have no idea how rude can 1 person be especially when they are earning your money.

I choose Uber because its hassle free. Usually when I do not have cash with me I can simply tap a few times on my phone and in less than 5 mins, I have a driver waiting for me right outside my door. It’s not about fair or unfair. When there were no competition, taxi drivers are picky. They choose their passengers. When there’s competition, they get angry, call for fairness. So what about fairness for passengers?

Fyi, I’m not one of those stuck up passenger who choose cab. Whatever cab come I take, Mercedes, black cab all I take. Like I said, not all taxi uncles are like that but compared with uber and grab, my own opinion is taxis uncles whom I’ve taken with are more rude.

When my daughter was only a few months old, I take cab, uncle never bother to help me put pram inside boot. I had to leave my daughter lying at the back seat then go and put pram. When weather is not good, I had to stand under scorching sun or raining weather to hail a cab. Some uncles because wanna earn a little more so they’d rather choose to take on calls passengers.

If all taxi uncle choose only to take on calls passengers then the rest of us wanna stand by road hail cab die lor. So after uber came out, I was relieved because I no longer need to wait 45mins or more for a cab. I can stay indoor, wait for driver to come to my doorsteps then go out.

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