A reader shared a Facebook post by an angry Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) reservist who was forced to undergo a “change parade” due to the SCDF giving out wrongly worded orders. According to the reservist, he was told to report to camp in civilian attire, but was denied entry because the camp wanted them to report in full uniform. When they finally clarified with SCDF HQ that they were indeed told to report in civilian attire, the camp security still insisted that the reservists go home and change to full uniform or else they would be penalized!

Reservist unit still have to undergo “Change Parade”?

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So a bunch of us were refused entry to the reservist course because we reported in civilian attire.

When showed proof that the order was for us to report in civilian, the Encik brushed us away and simply told us to call HQ 1st div which then requested me to go down and clarify. They admitted it was a mistake on their end that it was an error when issuing out the order.

Ok fine mistake admitted,but when asked how they can resolve this, they told me that i have to go back and change to full uniform and have to report back to CDA before lunch else they will have to suspend me from the course and wait for another make up training. By then it was already 11am.Best part, they wont compensate payment for the period stated when suspended.

Hello SCDF officers.. wake up your bloody idea la. This is clearly a mistake on your end and u expect us to go HQ den go home and change and come back?! You think i am your recruit still is it? We are working adults and no longer your puppet ok! Waste of time and effort. When we ask for letter to explain to our employer, they only issue out a memo to company after being demanded. Stupid kind of system.

A.S.S. Reader

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