Dear Editors,

At 8am this morning our North East Line (NEL) suffered a system wide breakdown because of a track fault. Trains were halted from Farrer Park to Hougang MRT. At some of the NEL stations, blackouts happened and commuters waited for the resumption of train services in the dark. But our new Transport Minister seems to be in the dark as well.

Despite the inconvenience caused by this morning’s disruption, Minister Khaw has not come out to address or acknowledge the breakdown. Instead, at 9.38am, an hour plus after the blackout cum breakdown, he posted this cheeky update on his FB.

He said: “Silly me! Took Circle Line to work just now, but in the wrong direction. Did not realise it until a few stations later. That is the problem when too many things occupy the mind. Fortunately I was in a train. Imagine if I were driving, and distracted!”

Either Minister Khaw is oblivious to the breakdown or he is trying to act blur live longer and pretend the breakdown didn’t happen this morning. Or maybe Minister Khaw hope that by sharing his blur cock mistake taking the wrong mrt this morning, Singaporeans will laugh at his stupidity and forget about the inconveniences suffered. Nice try but no..

Finally Minister Khaw has shown us glimpses of his legendary taichi skills, the ability to dodge bullets and public pressure even after a serious breakdown. Come we clap for you Mr Khaw, now even we Khaw Beh Khaw Bu also no use already lah.

Nina Baey
A.S.S. Contributor

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