I feel so stupid getting scammed by I just got to know about it through an e-mail just now. It started when I saw a “flash sale” by via facebook and bought it 2 days ago. Thought was something like Groupon. In the end, I realised they invoiced me once for $11 and then billed me for $99 in total, in 2 separate bills.

You know that “terms and conditions” box that most of us tick without reading? In small print, apparently, to enjoy the flash sale, one is deemed to have signed up for their premium membership, which they would charge at $88 per quarter. Basically, automatic sign-up for premium membership through a purchase. Have you heard of anything so ludicrous?

Thank God for small blessings! Normally, I don’t read promotional e-mail but I read this particular one stating that they have charged me the freaking $88. I immediately called DBS and the lady could not help me because the monies, though not transferred yet, have already been earmarked as the merchant’s. She also stated that DBS had other customers calling in regarding but they can’t do anything about it. In short, DBS knows about this scam but ‘gives permission’ to to continue it’s fraud on its customers. Way to go, DBS. (If you hadn’t merged with POSB… but that’s another story.)

On top of that, has locked me out of my account so I cannot cancel the subscription! Basically, they have my card number and they can do what they want with it. The DBS lady finally had a bright idea and suggested cancelling the card and issuing me another one with a new number. At last, a viable partial solution. Better than quoting procedure and telling me no no no, can’t can’t can’t. Still, it’s a hassle. I have other vendors – uber, paypal etc tied to the card number.

And apparently, has been getting away with it. In Singapore! Of all places. I’m going to take note of all vendors that partner with and boycott them. How dare they do this so openly? I remember Lord Denning said something about pointing a big fat red arrow at that crucial term. But I can’t remember whether it was a dissenting judgment. Anyone remember Year 1 Contract Law?

Reported to facebook and their proposed solution? Just “block”. Geez, thanks. Basically, Facebook will still allow dissemination of unbelievable offers!
I never thought it will happen to me. I’ve been buying online for years. YEARS! D..bless it! And this has never happened before.

Okay. $88 is a small price to pay for an obvious lesson. I always thought these cases happen to old aunties and was just stunned, stunned man, that it happened to me. I’m not an auntie!!! I must have lived a very blessed life and now, it’s time for me to pay $88 instead of a couple of thousand dollars to learn this lesson.

Please share this! STREETDEAL.SG is a ‘legal’ scam. ‘Legal’ because the police, the law and the banks aren’t doing anything about it. A big scam, period. If a deal is too good to be true, it IS a scam.

P.S (12/10): Go to page and take a look if any of your friends liked the page. They may not know about this yet. Also, found, Streetdeal’s contact number – 6361 0888

I know this is a long-winded rant but if you’ve found this warning helpful, do warn others about I know I would have appreciated reading it on someone’s status.

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