What’s wrong with Singapore women?

In recent months, I have been going out with various local girls/women on
dates. I meet them either via Tinder/OKC or through friends introductions.
Time after time I feel extremely bored at how 2-dimensional their
personalities are, despite coming across as interesting people in their
profiles or outward appearances.

The profile of the women I have met range a bit:
– ages ranging between mid-20s to early-30s
– appearance wise all above average, none overweight
– educational level mostly university graduates
– wealth level varied

In my interactions with some female friends, and also hearing comments from
my male friends as to their interactions with better educated local females,
I feel quite turned-off by these local women in general. Not to come across
as overly stereotypical, but the majority of local women seem to have a truly
“GCP mentality”: That of an overly inflated sense of self-worth and a very
large sense of entitlement.

Specific examples would be that during the dating process, they will only
consider guys that are good looking, in good shape / not fat, and have a high
paying and stable job. During dates, guy has to pay for everything, cannot
eat at hawker centre, need to be sent back after every date. In a
relationship, need the guy to come up with new and fun activities often, and
cannot always just nua at home and spend time together, need to travel every
few months. Further down the line, they will require a certain sized diamond
engagement ring and a lavish and thoughtful wedding ceremony to even consider
accepting the marriage proposal.

Did such expectations arise over time because Singaporean guys well trained
dogs, or just suckers that pander to every single local woman whim and fancy?
Why do a good majority of Singaporean women think that they have the right to
expect everything (money and effort wise) at no expense to themselves? It is
no wonder that there are now so many 30+ local single women, and that over
40% of marriages involving a Singaporean are to a foreigner (Source). I have
no doubt this figure is so high mostly because Singaporean men are sick and
tired of such “GCP mentality” and are marrying foreign women instead.

I really hope Singaporean women will wake up their ideas, if not they will
all be left on the shelf, with Singaporean men marrying more foreigners.

Boon Sim
A.S.S. Contributor

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