Why Singapore Schools still so strict about discipline ah?

Like I notice all gov-linked (international school no count) primary and secondary school very strict rules sia. These rules usually set but old uncle principals who are so out of touch with society liao:

1) cannot wear ankle songs (dunno why, guru please sexplain)
2) girls with long hair must tie up
3) guys hair cannot touch ear, brow or collar
4) guy hair cannot spike
5) cannot center parting
6) cannot wear pants too tight
7) cannot wear pants too loose
8) minor offences like lateness can lead to caning
9) cannot wear ear studs

In Singapore, teachers still can just take scissors anyhow cut students’ hair (very common actually). Remember one case made it to news, and netizens (both opp IB and PAP IB) still mostly supported the teacher sia. HAHAHA.

I wish students can have freedom of expression here in Singpaore.

My ultimate aim is too see chioer ah lians in Singapore streets. Would love shibuya (japan) gyaru-style in Singpoare.

A.S.S. Reader

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