Being reading your website regarding stories of Social Escort Websites scamming and blackmailing clients using their personal information. Allow me to do a Edward Snowden and provides the public with insider information of what actually happen behind the scenes of Social Escort Agencies.

I’m being working in Social Escort Agent industry for more than a decade. After witnessing this industry or just a group of people taking on the evil turn, I decided to bail myself out before I see the inside of Changi prison. I was kind of a manager in the social escort agency.

There are many Social Escort websites in Singapore but they all the same, just one company and one group of people. The purpose is not to monopolise the market, it is to get repeat customers. Most likely a typical customer will get a bad experience because the girl in the photo does not match with the girl that come to the hotel room. Since we requested the client to pay for the hotel room first, he have no choice but to accept the girl. Most of the time, it’s Chinese girl picture but the girl going to the Hotel is Malay or Thai. Well, I think from my perspective now, it looks pretty harmless other than a bad service. Many websites means the clients will continue to use the same services from the same group of people. And engaging the services of social escort is not like getting a new HP from Singtel. You don’t get complaints after rendering a bad service to customers because most customers just like to keep things quiet. No particular risk to clients just when the pimp get caught, he will expose all his clients for a lighter punishment and that’s about it. In light of all these bad customer service, these Social Escort agency still provide pimping and that’s was a few years ago.

Due to the bad service, there’s a fall of revenue for these Social Escort Websites. The Social Escort industry had evolved to something more sinister in just the recent years. With the introduction of the Deep Web, local social escort website had morph into a full blown black mailing syndicate. Deep Web is the hidden World Wide Web, it cannot be access in normal browser. Users need to download a free browser TOR to access the Deep Web.

Inside the Deep Web, you have plenty of websites offering a service called “Social Engineering”. Basically, the hacker armed with an email address or a HP number can hack into your computer and extract whatever information. Social Escort Websites are smart and with their limited resources, they cannot go after every clients. What they will do is FB the potential victims. Usually, people use their email address for facebook, in facebook have everything from photos and occupations……………… This is want they can do with just an email address and a HP num. Once they determine the client as “rich”, they will go about their stalking. They work with the working ladies and try to clone the victims’ phone, just by placing a hardware for a few seconds for the cloning process to complete. They will have access to all the phone calls, contacts, messages, Whatsapp messages and internet history. Sometimes they will just engage a hacker from Deep Web to hack into your computer, computer will simply get infected by opening an email’s attachment with a malware inside. Lots of information and lots of angles for blackmail.

You might be asking, the news didn’t report of any serious blackmailing………..? It’s just like what we have discuss before, the victims would like to keep things quiet and not let others know of him engaging services of a working lady. Usually, the amounts are not big, $5,000 at most. But recently, I read from your website of a man who got blackmailing for $20,000. I suspect those original foot soldiers from “Blackmail Department” had decided to struck out on their own and form their own blackmailing company and aggressive doing their “blackmailing”. Things will be getting dangerous with the proliferation of these people armed with blackmailing know how, every Social Escort Website is a possible blackmailing website. This is the real situation behind every Social Escort Website.

I left the industry and decided to do legitimate work because blackmailing people and destroying their family weights heavily on my conscience. I hope my message can reach as many people as possible and authorities will look at this growing blackmailing syndicates lucking behind a normal Social Escort Website, it’s doing a lot of harm to people and their families.

A.S.S. Contributor

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