We received a message from an angry HDB resident who complained about 2 FTs who have been making her life miserable by hanging out their dripping wet laundry to dry. She has not been able to hang her clothes outdoors to dry for such a long time because of the unhygienic practices of the PAP’s favorite foreign imports.

Do you think our Singaporean reader should try to “integrate” more with these FT neighbors?

Read her full letter here.

Introducing my 2 units of CB neighbors. Informed Town council twice and went up to meet with these FTs at least 3 times. Nothing change!!!! So I have to integrate is it??? My clothes have not been out in the sun since…..

Highlighted in red – Tiong Bu of sinkie rented out 2 of their rooms to more CB tiongs. Clothes hang out immediately after wash. Did not squeeze out the water. Scare the clothes will be wrinkled. Water rushing down from the edge of the wall for hours. Sending dirty water to each family below.

Highlighted in blue – FT maid has to wash clothes at least 3 to 4 times a day for her old CB witch “mom”. Got squeezed but “geng” no strength. As good as bringing out wet dripping clothes for dry. Her old and senile mom can’t be bothered! Only know how to make her wash and clean the house.

Nightmare to have such wonderful FTs around!!!

Anonymous Neighbor

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