Dear Editors,

Last Friday on 9th Oct 2015 , I was rushing into a public toilet at HDB hub, 2nd level toilet above fairprice I was have a bad tummy ache and realize there is no toilet paper in the cubicle. As I was so urgent and came out and saw a few rolls of paper on a trolley unattended, so I took a roll and went back in to clear my bowel.

Thinking for the next user, I left the roll in the cubicle . As I open the door a PRC toilet cleaner started screaming at me at the top of his voice, toilet was crowded. I apologize for taking the paper without asking and simple tab his shoulder and say sorry… many times he push my hand away and claim that my dirty hand should not touch him, aggressively.

OMG..a toilet cleaner telling me, my hands are dirty.. I went to the management office to file a complaint as other people working there told me, he is a trouble maker A PRC given a job but treat us Local with no respect and act like a hooligan, should we get rid of all this hooligan and sent them back to their country..

True Blue Loyal Singaporean
A.S.S. Contributor

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