I’ve got a Malaysian friend who is working for DRx (a beauty company/clinic)
for more than 10 years. Recently with the low RM vs SGD rates, the company
coincidentally decided to slash all their commission by around 50% with
little notice given. Some staff are getting as low as $0.60 per face
treatment. That is inhumane. Many staff were affected including Singaporeans.
How can Singaporeans survive with a 50% cut in commission when they are
paying such a low base salary.

The company claim to have financial issues and thus are doing this pay cut.
However, no proof was given to the staff and the pay cut was really sudden.
Recently, the company even decided to give free treatments to customers.
However, these treatments are not entitled commission. Staff were forced to
take on free treatments with no commission. If the company is not doing well,
why are they still pushing out free treatments at the expense of their staff.
With the majority of staff being malaysian and the recent dip in RM rates,
the sudden slash in commission is indeed suspicious.

I asked my malaysian friend to seek help with MOM but she was not willing due
to the fear of losing the job in SIngapore. Singaporeans who are in there are
suffering as well and without their malaysian colleagues support, they are
left to fend for their own.

The recent drop in riggit vs sgd will soon cause a huge social problem in
Singapore if the authorities do not take it seriously. More and more
Singaporeans will get a pay cut due to Malaysians willing to get a 50%

I hope someone can look into this. Customers should feedback to the company
regarding such inhumane treatment of workers.

Please help my friend. I think the authorities should start investigating the
company for unjust pay cuts.The staff are the ones who are keeping the
company running, such inhuman pay cuts should not happen in a multimillion
dollar company which provides services to the rich. Also if the company is
giving out free services as promotions, staff should still be paid
commission. Who else will do the job if they do not have the staff doing the

Exploited Friend
A.S.S. Contributor

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