According to a Bus Service Reliability Framework (BSRF) trial conducted from December 2014 to May 2015, improvements made to bus services by SBS Transit and SMRT have led to more consistent waiting times and less crowded buses. 
In the trial, 17 out of 22 services reduced their Excess Wait Time, which is defined as the average additional waiting time experienced by commuters at bus stops over the expected waiting time.
For their improvements, SBS Transit was awarded S$816,000 for reliability improvements to 12 services, and SMRT received $384,000 for improvements to 5 services.
This comes after 690 Government-funded buses were added to the company's rosters under the Bus Service Enhancement Program since 30th September.
The BSEP aims to introduce 1,000 government-funded buses by 2017 and expand the public bus fleet by about a third.
A total of 450 weekly bus trips have also been added, in a bid to reduce crowding and shorten wait times.

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