An elderly woman found herself stuck in between lift doors at a HDB block along Tah Ching Road, Jurong Lake today.

In most cases, the lift’s sensors would kick in and the doors would open again to release anybody or thing that is trapped in between.

Scarily, the sensors for this lift did not appear to be moving, causing the woman’s left hand to be trapped in between the lift doors as the lift continued to move. The elderly lady’s left hand was severed as a result of the freak accident.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) confirmed that it was alerted to the incident at 7.27AM. The incident took place on the ground floor of Block 322.

SCDF officers had to use rescue tools to pry open the lift doors to release the elderly woman.

The woman was conveyed to the National University Hospital with severe injuries to her left arm. Her severed hand was retrieved by paramedics, packaged in ice and taken to the hospital with her.

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