An angry reader has sent us this complaint about her maid from India, who she accuses of lying to her and stealing valuables from her home. Even more shockingly, our reader claims that the maid had submitted fake documents to gain employment here in Singapore, which makes her employment status illegal under Singapore law! Read her full letter below.


I would like to share with all maid agents and employers.

I sent my India maid home last night after finding out that she had stolen a $50 EZ Link card from my mum and taught my 7 year old daughter to lie.

Her name is RAMYA SURESH, age 28 from India. She is separated with 2 boys.She likes to talk loud,do things her own way,lie many times and is very argumentative. She has the cheek to question me about my CCTV at home.

Once, when we asked her to send my children to school, she took the wrong bus as she hardly uses public transport. She did not bother to contact me or ask for help. The teacher had to call me and tell me that my kids did not reach school after an hour. When I called my mum to contact Ramya, she replied that she had just reached the school and said that the bus arrived late.

She then kept quiet until that night when I came back home and my daughter told me the truth.

She doesn’t do the housework unless we are home. She soaks clothes all night and doesn’t rinse them, leaving them soapy and smelly.

Worse of all, we heard from her that she had submitted fake certificates to allow herself to work as a domestic worker here in Singapore. I think MOM should look into her case as she has worked illegally for 3 years in Malaysia in a Chinese restaurant holding a domestic work permit. I engaged her from Asia Recruit.”

Angry Employer

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