Dear Editors,

I stay in a condo in Balestier road. In March this year, my bicycle was stolen right outside my door step. There are only 4 units to 1 floor and i occupy 2 of them. My other 2 neighbours are foreigners and are not back. I left it outside at 8pm and when i went out at 10.30pm. It was not there.

Suspecting that someone from the condo stole it, I went down to the security guard and ask if they had saw anyone pushing out a bike. They said no. I went to make a police report the next day, and stick pamphlets on the wall of the building asking for news. But someone tore down those the very next day.

These was no news for very long until 20/04/2015. When 1 of the guards saw a resident push out a bicycle and came back with a bike in a different colour. He went to spray paint my bicycle in a different colour. After looking at the CCTV, i confirmed with my Management Office, that the bike was mine and confirmed a unit on the 15th floor stole it. After letting the Investigation Officer (IO) Mr Hyrol know of this findings. They proceed to arrest the thief in his house on 7th May.

The thief’s older brother and mother start to look for me for help. As i wasn’t around, they went to my mom and ask her to help. They offered to pay for the whole bike, which my mom says cost me $5000. 26th May i reach back Singapore. They came down to my house and offered their apologies. The older brother offered again to pay and ask for me to drop the charges. I agreed and also told them the bike don’t cost that much, as i have several bikes at home and my mom don’t know which one his younger brother stole.

After contacting the IO and went down to Tanglin Police station to drop charges. and the bugger was let of with a stern warning. After contacting them thru sms, then now they start to ignore. On 10/7.. i told that that he spray painted my bicycle frame.. wheels and breaks.. Cost about $3000. can check with the same bike shop i buy from… on 22th. The brother sms that he informed his younger brother is overseas, ask me call him again. So after deciding not to pursue him, become, i am the one to look for them now.

After getting him off the charges, these ungrateful neighbours now act bo chop. There was no news ever again. Even when i saw him twice alone , in the lift. there was not even a acknowledgement. Until today, there is not even a SORRY from him. He is sorry, Yes sorry that he was caught, but not sorry about stealing. When i see him, he still damm yaya papaya that, he think he deserve to be let off. Really damn regret to have let him off and for such people to exist. Should had insisted to go ahead with charges.

Contacted my lawyer and proceeded with civil sue and also send mails to AGO to push for charges . This kind of people take people for granted and they are the type of people who makes you think twice again for being nice.

Mr Yap
A.S.S. Contributor

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